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Square Meal



Jan Ghane Tabrizi

Huang He

A shimmering, white floor, sparkling white walls and ceiling greet you when you enter this suburban eatery. The raised-ground floor setting, in a grand, corner building lets in plenty of daylight. A monumental water-colour of a stormy sea – with waves crashing down takes pride of place. On another wall a mythical cockrel fights dragon with claws drawn and tail curling – not a fair match. The remainder of the space is, for the most part, unembelished and restrained in it’s decoration – allowing guests to enjoy the lightness and openness of the setting. The extensive seating capacity means you’re pretty sure to get a table.

An interesting, modern touch, is the open-kitchen which gives guests the opportunity to observe the chefs at work. Despite the extensive menu choice most dishes are prepared with speed and agility. And the gentle and friendly service means that every dish comes with a smile.

Cold starters: Beef strips ‘5 flavours’, steamed strips of beef strips (85 Kč).

Soup: Chicken soup with asparagus and broccoli (58 Kč).

Warm starters: Baked duck aileron (58 Kč). Finely chopped pork, Sechuan style (188 Kč). Baked pork ribs (58 Kč).

Fish: Halibut with Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots (205 Kč). Fish with sweet-sour sauce (142 Kč). Prawns on hot plate (398 Kč). Fish chop suey (142 Kč). Cuttlefish with Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots (268 Kč). Prawns, mussels and cuttlefish on hot plate (325 Kč).

Meat: Savoury and crispy duck with garlic sauce (255 Kč). Rabbit with broccoli and Sa-cha sauce (228 Kč). Chicken with asparagus and broccoli (165 Kč). Chicken with apple and olive (158 Kč). Hunan chicken (165 Kč). Lamb with leek (258 Kč). Hunan baked lamb (258 Kč).

Desserts: Baked strawberry with ice-cream (68 Kč). Baked mixed fruit with honey and ice-cream (65 Kč).

*** excellent (max. ****)

380 Kč

Kolbenova 1, Prague 9
Metro Vysočanská
Tram 8, 19
Daily 11–23
tel.: 283 890 518
fax: 271 748 012